The Core series which produced by Özen compressors are used long lasting, high performance screw blocks and components which produce by compressor technology leading companies. The perfect lubrication system which is unique design of Özen compressors, ensures screw blocks excellent lubrication for long lasting and efficient working.


Inside of canopy designed to provide ease of maintenance, and easy intervention.The coupled designed screw block with CE certified air tank beside of working perfect lubrication system also carry off vibration to vibration pads which occur during operation. The ergonomic canopy reduce noise level of the machine and is provide constant operating temperature.The ergonomic compact canopy add value to machine.


The Core series motor and air end drive provide by selected belt and pulley mechanism with required transmission rate.

The poly VL belt system is preferred for minimal loss at belt and pulley transmission. By this way, different opening pressures is possible to have only by change of pulley. Use of pulley with bush provide so easy assembly and disassembly for pulleys.

Automatic belt tensioning system ensure high transmission efficiency and safety at drive system.

As standard, high efficient IE2 class IP 54/55 protection class electric motors are used and motor winding shave PTC heat protection sensor.


Ozen compressors use special designed horizontal separator tanks up to 55 kw power range occupy less space because of coupled structure thus relatively obtain large internal volume for convenient maintenance and service facilities. In addition, the risk of oil leakage, with short connection and pressure loss is prevented.

The spin-on separator elements which use up to 55 kW power range provide great convenience to user during separator element change.  

Using high-efficiency separators  provide optimum oil separation  also extended lifetime. The amount of the oil in the compressed air after separation process  is lower than level of 2 mg. / m³ 



Özen compressors are known work well between 0° C to +45 ambient temperatures thanks to special designed cooling system for different climatic conditions. By time the cleaning of oil-air cooler, thanks to special design provides great convenience for users. Özen compressors with customized cooling solutions are working at full load mode during 24 hours 7 days in different ambient conditions.

The heat exchangers usage is optional at Özen compressors, heat recovery system can use for ambient heating or possible to use water cooling system instead of air. Heat recovery system for space heating of buildings especially in the winter season with hot output of compressor without additional energy consumption is ensuring significantly save on fuel costs.

If the plant has cooling water, the cooling water can use for cool down of  compressor which provide efficient use. 


The Maestro control panels Maestro 10 and Maestro 20, specially designed for Özen compressors PLC based with 12 language support so easy to use. Beside of controlling 1+2 compressors also equal aging feature is available for multiple compressors work. Pressure monitoring, air end temperature monitoring, maintenance time tracking and automatic alarm feature in maintenance time, working time incorporating many other features real user-friendly control panel series.


The new generation proportional controlled suction valves which use as standard at product range provide constant outlet pressure at compressor discharge, by this way energy saving up to 15%.


The phase control device are using as standard for all compressors eliminating the possibility of reverse rotation of motor at first start-up, by this way all reverse rotation problems that users so often facing during first start-up is completely eliminated.

Kompresörlerimizde standart olarak kullanılan termostatik kontrollü valf, Özen Kompresörlerin değişik mevsim  şartlarında sabit sıcaklık aralığında çalışmasını sağlamasının yanında su yoğuşmasını ortadan kaldırarak yağ ömrünü uzatır.

The thermal valve are using as standard for all compressors provide constant working temperature under different ambient conditions and by eliminating water condensation extend oil life.


The Core series Screw Air Compressors produced by Özen compressors, designed with advance technology, produce using high quality equipments and parts, all production process have international quality organizations approved as a result of many years of trouble-free operation performance of the whole is preferred by world users.

The Ergonomic canopy as a result of modern manufacturing safe, thanks to the special design the air movement that occurs in compressor directs in the right direction. Sound insulation enables  unit working noise level meet international standards, these features adds value, thanks to the aesthetic appearance always be identified.

Spacious interior volume offer great convenience to the user during periodic maintenance, without touching or disassembly any equipment every kind of maintenance and service can be done easily. 



The frequency converter can apply to CORE series as optional.
By this was beside of space saving, easy installation and quick maintenance which obtain from CORE series can be possible have energy save up to 35% by frequency inverter application.

User friendliness Özen Compressor by offering ready spare parts in stock in country level 7/24 wide service network, by standing always on user side create difference, by offering with real guarantees without any pre-condition proves the reliability front.